Hummingbird Feeders – How to Clean a Best 1

We have been going to the Bisbee Farmer’s Market not only to sell bird feeders, but to purchase great produce and pastured meat for several years now. Our first trip for the year was last Saturday.

We were welcomed back by the organizers and some old customers, however we had one customer who had been looking for us. It seems he was unhappy with the Best 1 Hummingbird Feeder we had sold him last fall, and was not shy about telling us how unhappy he was and how hard it was to maintain.

I asked him if he had been getting hummingbirds into his feeders. He replied he has had quite a few hummers in, but had to stop using the Best 1 we had sold him.

I asked him if the hummingbird feeder leaked or was defective in any way. He said he did not like the design.

I told him that it was my favorite hummingbird feeder because we get 40 MPH winds and the feeder did not swing and spill sugar water all over my porch. He agreed that it had not tipped to the point of spilling.

I explained that I sometimes recommend a funnel to fill the bottles, especially if you use a container with a wide mouth to mix your sugar water in. He said filling was not the problem.

I was about to give up when I finally got him to start talking about the feeder and what had him so upset. He then confessed that he had went out of town unexpectedly and had not told his neighbor that takes care of his house when he is away about the new hummingbird feeder. When he came home it was full of black mold and the brush he had bought at the local discount store simply did not get the neck of the bottle clean. It was impossible to clean the bottle. And he knew dirty feeders are not good for hummingbirds.

I asked him if he had tried a Swab to clean the bottle. While asking I handed him one of the Swabs. He looked at it and said he was sure that the swab would not get through the neck of the bottle. The Swab was simply to big.

I asked him to wait right here and I would be back in just a minute with a solution to his problem. I dumped out my soda and filled the cup with water from the bathroom. I then explained how important it is to get the swab completely saturated by squishing it several times under water.

Squeeze the Swab several times to make sure it is saturated.

Squeeze the Swab several times to make sure it is saturated.

I then showed him that the swab does indeed fit through the neck of the bottle.


The Swab will fit through the neck of the Best 1 Hummingbird Feeder.

I showed him how it will open up once through it will clean the spots that the other brush missed.

The Swab is cleaning the Hard-To-Reach spot.

The Swab is cleaning the Hard-To-Reach spot.

He bought the Swab that I had demonstrated with and said he would get back to me next time we go the the Bisbee Farmer’s Market. He walked away with a solution to his problem and a promise from me to make it right. After all who wants to explain to hummingbirds that they will not get their sweet treat from a Best 1 Hummingbird Feeder?


  1. I purchased an ant trap for a hummingbird feeder but no directions came with it………can you tellme how to use it?

    • Simply hang the ant trap on the hook you are using for your hummingbird feeder, then hang the hummingbird feeder from the hook on the bottom of the ant trap. Fill your ant trap with water. If the water evaporates fast you may add a drop of dish washing detergent to the water. Hope this helps and I and the hummers thank you.

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